Pic: Yongchak-aloo-koukha Eromba!!

This is one of my favorite dishes in Manipuri cuisines.  Eromba, a generic name of the dish prepared with crushed boiled vegetables, fermented fish with chilly. Now Eromba could be of any seasonal vegetables, garnished with the local herbs and vegetables. Like lafu Eromba is garnished with Tokningkok, Soibum Eromba and Pan Eromba taste better with Mayang-maton garnishing. Mint, chive, spring-onions and coriander are also used as garnishing material.

The varieties I’ve tasted so far, are the simple Aloo(Potato) Eromba, Lafu Eromba, Soibum Eromba, Yongchak (Tree Beans) Eromba, Pan Eromba, and the Yendem-Beans Eromba.

Here I’m going to share one recipe of Potato-Beans-Yendem Eromba. M here in Bilaspur where only five Meitei stays, and m with no Meitei. Wanted my non-manipuri frens to taste this one important dish of Manipur, so I tried it and was good indeed.


1. Potato, long beans, and dried yendem(in my case)

2. Fermented fish (Ngari)

3. Fried rhou 1 piece

4. Red dry Chillies

5. Salt to taste

6. Coriander and Mint to garnish.


Pressure cook the red dry chillies, peeled potatoes, chopped beans and the Yendem. After 3-4 whistel, the ingredients are taken out. A paste of the boiled chillies, roasted ngari and the fried fish is made. (I remember my roomie and the neighbor running away to save themselves when the ngari was roasted!!)

Beside, the boiled veggies is mashed and mixed. And to it the chilly-paste is added. A little quantity of water is,also, added for light gravy. And it is mashed again adding salt to taste.

It is then garnished with chopped onions, coriander and mint(Nungshi-hidak) and served..

Whoa!! It was delicious…umphf! M getting hungry now.